The Industry Standard in Automatic Antenna Positioning

Arizona Engineered Products, LLC designs and manufactures antennas, specialized tracking and precision positioning equipment, and remote control systems for the UAV market, broadcast and communications industries, emergency response and the military.

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AzEP Solutions


AzEP’s off-the-shelf SureShot equipment is designed for basic (three keystroke) antenna positioning. But many applications – especially those where more sophisticated requirements exist – require additional, specialized functionality. AzEP has an extensive library of firmware upgrades and can add functions to your specifications.

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Many projects require equipment customization.

Arizona Engineered Products specializes in modifying existing, proven SureShot equipment such as: adding firmware functionality, automatic receive site control, and more.

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Most microwave projects require custom installation.

No two trucks or towers are the same. If you’ve never installed automatic antenna positioning systems, mobile or fixed-site, we recommend you allow AzEP to do the work. AzEP never leaves until your team is trained to operate and maintain our equipment.

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