About AzEP

Arizona Engineered Products LLC (AzEP) was incorporated in 2003, after two years of development on a revolutionary automatic antenna positioning system for mobile microwave. This new product, SureShot, was designed to meet the needs of broadcasters facing an FCC-mandated conversion of their electronic newsgathering (ENG) transmissions from analog to digital.

Since time-to-broadcast is critical for breaking news reporting, TV news management was interested in SureShot because it dramatically reduced the time to establish a microwave link between an ENG truck in the field and the TV station. Most importantly, SureShot ensures a transmission will not fail because of the “digital cliff” effect, causing signal lock up or loss when insufficient data is received. SureShot’s ability, after just three keystrokes, to orient a mobile antenna with a targeting accuracy of +/- 1 degree makes establishing a transmission link both reliable and quick.

Successive generations of SureShot products included many new customer-driven features. Here are a few:

  • Receive Site Remote Control, allowing mobile units to “call in their own shots”
  • Automatic Auto-peaking to optimize signal strength
  • External Equipment Control in mobile vehicles via SureShot, allowing operators to remotely control transmitters, cameras and other onboard gear

Along with this growing functionality, SureShot attracted new clients as diverse as NASA, the US military, international broadcast networks, communications companies, metropolitan disaster response providers, police and fire departments. Today, AzEP’s array of products has a user base spanning four continents.

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