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AzEP’s off-the-shelf SureShot equipment is designed for basic (three keystroke) antenna positioning. But many applications – especially those where more sophisticated requirements exist –need additional, specialized functionality. AzEP has an extensive library of upgrades. Some of those are described in the next column.

Some systems must be fully automated, allowing the entire link to be established, channels set, and equipment powered up/down from a remote location.

AzEP routinely turns challenging requirements into high performance operational links.


Many projects require equipment customization.

Arizona Engineered Products specializes in modifying existing, proven SureShot equipment to add:

  • firmware functionality
  • automatic receive site control
  • remote control of all mobile transmission equipment
  • auto-pinging/tracking for two-mobile-unit connectivity
  • auto-tracking of helicopters
  • internal power circuit control
  • GPS-accurate timecode output


Often, projects require custom installation.

No two trucks or towers are the same. If you’ve never installed automatic antenna positioning systems, mobile or fixed-site, we recommend you allow AzEP to do the work.

In almost all cases, with customized equipment, it’s smarter, cheaper and faster to have AzEP install the gear. We provide all mounting parts, install all equipment or supervise the crew (for jobs higher than 60 feet), then test and calibrate the system.

AzEP never leaves until your team is trained to operate and maintain our equipment.

Contact us about how AzEP can help!