SureShot Overview  PDF Download

Have a UAV you need to track and control:

  • Automatic or manual acquisition
  • Targeting and tracking accuracy of less than one degree
The solution:   Sure Shot 2 Tracker

The problem with microwave live shots:

  • digital video requires much greater targeting accuracy
  • analog or digital, the time crunch gets worse every day
The solution:   Sure Shot 2 Mobile

Wouldn’t you rather automatically align both ends of the link:

  • rather than endure the time-consuming “dance” of manually pointing both antennas at the same time
The solution:   Sure Shot 2 Receive

Mobile microwave antennas are expensive:

  • but this is a mature industry, prices should be lower
  • need a high performance antenna at a fair price
The solution:   Mobile Antenna

Continuous rotation, auto-tracking central receive antennas:

  • no matter the application
  • no matter the set of system requirements
The solutions:   Optimus Central Recieve Central Receive:  [Classic]   [Clamshell]

The time it takes to find a satellite :

  • can’t do it by hand
  • need an accurate, quick fix
The solution:   Sure Shot 2 Uplink

The cost of dedicated phone lines is never-ending :

  • need to control a transmitter or camera at a distant site
  • but hate the monthly connection charge
The solution:   Controller


  • from up to 750 feet away -- turn off the truck's transmitter
  • or operate ANY other onboard equipment
  • also operate ANY studio equipment wirelessly


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