RadRemote Controller

The cost of dedicated phone lines is never-ending:

  • Need to control a transmitter or camera at a distant site
  • Hate the monthly connection charge?
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RadRemote is designed to remotely and inexpensively control the following kinds of equipment:

  • Tower-cams
  • Traffic-cams
  • Transmitters
  • Routers
  • Recorders
  • Any gear (or bundle of equipment) that requires Form-C, Open Collector and/or Serial control

At a remote location, RadRemote can be connected via:

  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Dial-up
  • Dedicated line

RadRemote is the perfect way to avoid fixed phone lines and their never-ending monthly charges.

RadRemote Windows software is available in two versions: single-user and multi-user. The latter includes a server program that runs on any networked computer with a modem connection and a client user program that can be installed on any (and all) computers on the same network. Controls are simple and intuitive. Virtually no operator training is required!

Even better, the client program can manage any number of RadRemote controllers in the field. Simply select the location and the correct controls appear in the RadRemote display workspace. So controlling a network of traffic cameras, for example, is a snap.

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