SureShot Control Software

Receive Site GUI: some of the controls and visuals available.

Mobile Microwave GUI: typical controls and the "Return Switcher (Router) Video" option.

Select Menu GUI: shows a list of all available fixed and mobile assets. Select simply by mouse click.

AzEP's innovative Control Software offers a very wide variety of options. The software can be configured to provide only receive site control or both receive and mobile link control.

SureShot Control Software is also capable of remotely operating all associated origination, transmission and reception equipment. Essentially, any piece of gear that is networked, serially addressable or controllable via contact closure can be operated through SureShot Control Software.

Mapping - with three levels of magnification - is also standard for receive sites. If mobile units are SureShot-equipped, the graphical user interface (GUI) will place each vehicle on the map at its current location.

Automatic antenna alignment, of both the receive and transmit antennas, is a single-click operation, with azimuth and elevation accuracy of one degree!

AzEP offers a spectrum analyzer option. If an analyzer is added at a receive site, the control GUI will include that data.

Those are just a few of the available options. AzEP is happy to customize a graphical user interface to meet your specific requirements and automatically reflect actual installed equipment (on a site-by-site and vehicle-by-vehicle basis).

Importantly, this software is delivered with separate server and user modules. Once the server software is installed on a network, user software may be loaded onto as many desktops on that network as you choose, at no additional charge.

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