SureShot IV - Mobile

The problem with microwave live shots:

  • Digital video requires much greater targeting accuracy
  • Analog or digital, the time crunch gets worse every day
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In mobile electronic newsgathering, data transmission and directional RF information gathering applications the issues confronting an operator are:

  • Do I know the location (latitude, longitude and elevation) of this vehicle?
  • Do I know – or can I determine automatically – where the target receiver/link/transmitter is?
  • Can I quickly and accurately position this antenna toward the target?
  • Can I establish the link by remotely controlling the target antenna’s orientation and transmit/receive equipment?

With SureShot IV – Mobile, the answer to each of those questions is YES.

SureShot IV - Mobile is the industry-standard for precise, automatic antenna positioning because of its proven performance and exceptional functional flexibility!

AzEP’s various SureShot IV – Mobile models are specifically designed to allow for custom configuration and application-specific hardware/software upgrades to meet the demanding needs of their diverse users, whether commercial, military or public safety.

SureShot IV – Mobile is a GPS-based system. Once per second, SureShot IV updates its own lat/long/elevation, storing that information in case the vehicle moves to a location where GPS is unavailable, such as between tall buildings.

Mobile units also have the ability to store the coordinates of all known fixed sites in long-term memory. Recalling sites is a simple two-key operation. Some versions of SureShot IV - Mobile automatically ping mobile ground targets for their location once (for stationary vehicles) or periodically (for moving objects) via radio, cell or other connection. Ping rate is automatically computed based on distance and speed.

Once SureShot IV - Mobile knows the target coordinates, it computes the direct, line of sight azimuth and elevation to that location. It then energizes the antenna’s pan/tilt, either by directly powering it or simply controlling the existing power source.

A very sensitive and highly accurate (±1°, vertically and horizontally) sensor module continuously reports orientation of the vehicle’s antenna, allowing SureShot IV - Mobile to position the antenna with both speed and precision.

SureShot IV - Mobile is also upgradeable to provide the vehicle operator with remote control of target antenna positioning and its associated transmitter/receiver. (Other configurations allow an operator at another location to remotely control the vehicle’s SureShot IV - Mobile and associated equipment.)

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