SureShot IV - Receive

Avoid the time-consuming “dance” of manually pointing both antennas at the same time

  • Rather than endure the time-consuming “dance” of manually pointing both antennas at the same time
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Orienting a fixed-site antenna is sometimes just as challenging as accurately positioning a mobile antenna – especially if any of the following is true – or you’d like to be true – of the site:

  • Unmanned
  • Remotely controlled at any time from the vehicle (calling in its own shot)
  • Remotely controlled from some other location via radio, internet, dial-up or dedicated line
  • Required to locate a parked vehicle quickly and automatically orient toward it
  • Required to locate and track moving aerial or ground vehicles

SureShot IV – Receive is the control solution for each of the conditions listed.

AzEP’s various SureShot IV – Receive models are specifically designed for custom configuration and application-specific hardware/software upgrades to meet the demanding needs of its diverse user base whether commercial, military or public safety.

SureShot IV – Receive products are generally characterized as “responsive.” They respond to “requests for service” from a link partner (normally a mobile link) or are controlled remotely from a station, HQ or other coordinating location. That said, there is plenty of power and flexibility built into each SureShot IV – Receive so it can change with your changing requirements.

Active tracking is an excellent example of responding effectively to a challenging request for service. Once ordered to track, a SureShot IV – Receive will locate the vehicle – either a helicopter/airplane or a moving ground vehicle by “pinging” it for GPS data. Based on the distance and speed of the target, SureShot IV – Receive will vary the period between position updating pings to ensure the tracking antenna stays on-target. Alternately, SureShot IV – Receive will use positioning data in the incoming signal. If for any reason that signal is lost, SureShot IV – Receive immediately pings for location in order to reestablish communication.

In a typical fixed site installation, SureShot IV – Receive relies on the antenna’s own position detection hardware (whether potentiometers or indexing system) to determine antenna azimuth and elevation. In some instances, the same sensitive and highly accurate (±1°, vertically and horizontally) sensor module used in our Mobile products is used to continuously report orientation of the site’s antenna. Either system allows SureShot IV - Receive to position the antenna with speed and precision.

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