Wireless Remote Controller


  • From up to 750 feet away -- turn off the truck's transmitter
  • Operate ANY other onboard equipment
  • Also operate ANY studio equipment wirelessly
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SureShot Wireless Remote is a programmable, flexible and inexpensive way to remotely control up to eight functions or pieces of equipment.

How many times have you wished the live truck operator, who doubles as the photographer, and is 75 yards away, could run back to the vehicle to:

  • switch between sources on the router
  • move the mastcam
  • or any of a number of other distant, but critical, tasks

At the station, wouldn’t it be nice to not use a garage door opener on the set to switch between weather graphics?

Those are just a few of the applications for which AzEP’s SureShot Wireless Remote Controller was designed.

Windows-based Wireless Remote Controller Programming Interface

It allows you to control up to 4 GPI closures and send 4 serial commands to any remotely controllable devices! GPI connections are individually selectable as Momentary, Latched or Pulsed. Each pulsed command may be set for any duration from 1 millisecond to 65 seconds. All commands are easily programmable using AzEP’s PC software and programming cable, which are provided.

The handheld remote is:

  • About the size of a car door remote
  • Digitally matched to the rack mount controller
  • Tested to a range of over 900 feet
  • Rugged and durable

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